OPPO A96 Review

    OPPO has no problem offering a nice selection of smartphones at an affordable price for many. While the company wants to push the boundaries …

    OPPO A96 Review

    OPPO has no problem offering a nice selection of smartphones at an affordable price for many. While the company wants to push the boundaries even on budget-friendly devices to elevate the experience in many ways, its new model does this. OPPO A96Or managed to reflect it.

    This latest model in the A series; 5,000mAha large capacity battery, 33W SUPERVOOC fast chargingThe screen with a 90Hz refresh rate and 50MP rear camera It comes with the installation. With these features, it is definitely a work that meets the needs of the middle class, but we will of course take a closer look at how it performs and whether the camera is good.

    How is the OPPO A96 Design?

    First of all, let’s open the word with design. OPPO A96 is a model that looks nice with its design. We can even say that the back surface looks eye-catching. The phone is available in 2 different colors. one we have Sunset Bluecolor model while someone else Starry Black color option. This blue color model looks very nice. The back surface changes color according to the light.

    When we take a look at the phone from the back, we see the OPPO’s OPPO, which we examined a short time ago. Reno7 We can say that it is very similar to the model. In the Reno7, the camera block consisted of 2 large lenses, and a similar camera array was used in the OPPO A96. The size of the lenses and the camera area, which is colored in a different hue than the body of the phone, resembles the Reno7.

    According to OPPO’s argument, the back surface of the phone is designed to be strong against scratches. On the other hand, there is a silicone case inside the box. Thus, we can say that it is extra protected. Even though this back surface is made of plastic material, it does not have a bad feeling, cheap material is avoided; it gives a metallic surface feeling when you hold it in your hand.

    While the sides of the phone are made of hard matte plastic, fingerprint sensor We see that neither the power button on the right side of the phone is included in the integrated form. As an alternative security path to the fingerprint sensor face recognition not skipped either. You can turn on face recognition from the security settings and scan your face through the camera placed in the corner of the screen.

    with volume buttons SIM card and microSD card drawer It is placed on the left edge, while the bottom edge has the USB-C port and speaker grille. When we come to the top, we see that there is a speaker grille here, too. Thus, stereo sound support is provided in this phone; The speakers give a very stable sound.

    OPPO A96 Display Features

    The OPPO A96 is a very powerful and reasonable phone for its class with its features. The phone has a resolution of 1080×2412 pixels and 6.59 inches sized screen. The pixel density of this screen is 401 ppi and the used IPS LCD panelIt produces a very nice image. up to 600 nits of brightnessone of the most valuable aspects of the screen that can be accessed 90Hz refresh rate support. In this way, you can get a fluid screen experience in everything you view on the screen.

    Especially when you buy a new phone, be careful that the screen is higher than 60Hz, it will be 90Hz, 120Hz, you decide, but after 60Hz, higher screen refresh rates really improve the experience of using the phone. You can feel the difference even when swiping the screen in the interface. If the game you will play on the phone supports 90Hz, you can see this difference.

    When you look carefully at the screen in this middle, you will see that a defense tape has been placed. OPPO , thus defending the phone with both its screen and its rear body; These are the details that are appreciated for long use.

    How is OPPO A96 Performance?

    While talking about the game, let’s talk about the performance of the phone gradually. No matter what you load into it, whether you play a lot of games or watch a lot, the OPPO A96 will fulfill your duties and perform appropriately depending on your usage habits. Also, if you play a lot of games on the phone, this phone is for you to focus on the game without getting distracted. ColorOS interfaceLet’s also say that there are game optimization features in it.

    Telephone; performs comfortably in internet surfing, social media interactions, and application usage. In games that are not heavy on graphics, many of the details are revealed and provide a fluent gaming experience. If you want to play games with high graphics power fluently, you need to lower the graphics settings a little. for example PUBGIt can offer a very sufficient experience in .

    At the heart of the phone is a mid-range processor in accordance with its category. Snapdragon 680and there is the Adreno 610 graphics unit attached to it. 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and other technical components of the phone. It has 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 support, in addition aptX HD support It is also a welcome detail. Thus, you will be able to get higher quality sound from your wireless headphones.

    The OPPO A96 is a powerful phone, especially with its battery life. Battery capacity full With a power of 5 thousand mAh . Thus, it can easily cycle 1.5 days on a single charge. If you play games on the phone non-stop, you can enjoy half a day of non-stop games. This period is longer than many equivalent phones. If you want to use the phone for longer periods, Power Saving Modeand Super Power Saver Modeis also included.

    Moreover, the charging process is also very fast. On the phone 33W SuperVOOC fast charging support there is. In this way, you can fill the phone’s battery by 50 percent in just 26 minutes. However, the charging adapter is not included in the phone’s box, you have to buy it separately.

    What are the OPPO A96 Camera Capabilities?

    Yes, we came to the cameras. As we said, the cameras of OPPO A96 resemble Reno7 in design, but of course it is different from it in terms of features, because in the middle of the 2 phones 3 thousand TL price there is difference. Behind OPPO A96 2 cameras there is. Of these, the main camera is 50 MP, and the depth sensor is 2 MP. There’s no ultra wide-angle lens or macro lens, so if you’re looking for a phone with these cameras, you’ll have to look at other models. Many other models of OPPO had these cameras. However, OPPO preferred to focus on the main camera in this model and produced a nice result.

    50MP main camera While it has an aperture of f/1.8, it is supported by phase-detection autofocus. Capable of shooting a 27mm wide-angle lens, this lens quickly gets reinforcements from the next 2MP depth camera for portrait shots.

    When you want to shoot in 50 MP resolution, you need to open the 50 MP switch from the top bar of the camera interface. In this way, you can take higher resolution and strong detailed photos. When you turn this switch off, the zoom options come into play this time. Camera capable of 2x and 5x optical zoom, Support up to 10x digital zoomit also gives.

    You will see various options in the camera interface. There are many options here, from AI mode to Portrait mode, Night mode, Slow Motion, Time Lapse, Pro and Panorama modes. Also, the niceness mode and color filters are not skipped. Using them, you can get nice shots with the phone.

    The phone achieves really successful results in daylight shots. We found the results to be very sufficient for social media sharing. Even in low lighting conditions, the phone night mode you can take advantage of. The OPPO A96 can produce nice results in this pleasant scenario as long as the surroundings are not too dark.

    As for the front camera, here it is 16MP resolution We see that the camera is located. Under suitable lighting conditions, it will do a nice job in ordinary and depth-of-field portraits with the front camera. You can adjust the depth of field in this middle by clicking the icon on the left.

    Finally, with both front and rear cameras of OPPO A96 Full HD video recordingLet’s say you can do it and let’s get to the conclusion.


    Yes, in conclusion, the OPPO A96 stands out as a phone that stands out with its excellent battery life and fast charging capability, and can easily meet the needs of the middle segment with its process volume and cameras. A charger in the box would be better, naturally, but it is still a good thing that it has advantages such as a silicone case and screen defense cinema. The price is currently in line with this segment. 6 thousand 900 TL around. When it first came out, it met with users for 7 thousand 399 TL, a little drop in price gives it an advantage over its rivals.

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