We Reviewed the Razer Deathadder V2 Pro, Still the Favorite of Gamers!

    Just like in the world of cars, the actor will never let you down in his works, always ” sensible choiceThere are some works to be seen as ” I …

    We Reviewed the Razer Deathadder V2 Pro, Still the Favorite of Gamers!

    Just like in the world of cars, the actor will never let you down in his works, always ” sensible choiceThere are some works to be seen as ” I spent my money wrongThey’re extremely good at giving that “feel”.

    Razer, which directly harmonizes with this definition, deathadderseries of gaming mice Volkswagen Golf We can say. This series, which has always been in the middle of the best-selling and most admired mice since its first release in 2006, managed to keep up with the technology under its shell, even though it avoided fundamental changes in general design.

    Deathadder V2 Pro, is not a model that will attract attention quickly in terms of exterior design, and it differs from previous models with small details. Standard V2 And what sets it apart is that it’s a wireless mouse. The piece, measuring 61.7 mm x 42.7 mm, is not too small, if you have very small hands, it would be guessed. Deathadder Mini You may want to choose . The right-hand ergonomic design and gently high back hump, which are the hallmarks of the usual series, are also in place.

    Razer in this model Razer Focus+ optical sensor preferred that this sensor is a work at the top when it comes to performance. Besides the resolution boost up to 20,000dpi 50G accelerationand full 650 IPS It is able to meet all the expectations of players looking for performance with their speed values. In addition, RazerIn this model, it is fast not only with its speed, but also with its wireless performance. HyperSpeed ​​Wireless Thanks to the technology, it is sometimes possible to reach even more adequate delay costs than cable usage, no joke. Even in “dirty” environments where wireless devices and other electronics are heavily used, Razer also 1000Hz polling rate He stated that he was able to provide his cost with almost full efficiency. Presumably small, but these are nice details that really push the user experience forward. Only 88 gramsload is another feature that will make it preferred by competitive players.

    Of course, the general quality of the work should also be mentioned, Deathadder V2 Pro There are rough rubber surfaces made of a very high quality, matte plastic, smoothing the grip in both directions and not making your hands sweaty. With a total of eight programmable keys, the mouse wheel has a rough surface and is fairly quiet. 70 millionclick life second generation Razer Switch (Purple) It has a latency of only 0.2ms and is suitably quiet. The side buttons do not feel like a sponge either, we can say that they are very tough and sensitive. at the bottom of the device. PTFE skatesthey glide quickly on any surface, they are not rough and they do not get stuck.

    So, does the fact that the work is wireless restrict the use of RGB? In this series of Deathadder, RGB is not used very dominantly, in this model there is only one zone. RGB lightingavailable and Razer Synapse 3 can be adjusted as you wish. In this form, the effect on the battery time has been tried to be minimized.

    At the bottom of the product, there is a button that allows you to switch in the middle of 5 other profiles, and more importantly, another one where you can choose the relationship principle of the mouse. From here, connecting via USB cable (Off), Bluetoothor 2.4GHz you can choose option. The neat news is the Deathadder V2 Pro’s teeny wireless transmitter is carried in the compartment under the mouse. Battery life is in 2.4 GHz mode. 70 hours(with RGB off), if in Bluetooth mode to 120 hours It reaches an extraordinary price for such a performance piece. Also for our readers who love technological toys. Razer Dock ChromaIt also has a charging stand.

    Let’s come to the software side. Razer Synapse 3 It is no longer a program we fear. Although it took years, Razer has gone beyond the program, corrected his eyebrows and eyes. V2 Pro is also a work that can be managed via Synapse 3. From RGB control to online profiles, even variable lift-off height (Minimum 2.4mm) you can tinker with a lot of fun settings.


    At the time this article was prepared, the work was not in stock in our country, but its price abroad 130$ . This means you can easily find the Turkish price of the work. 1000 TL+ level, so it is not cheap at all. The wired version of the one-to-one model is also 700 TLLet us remind you that it was sold to , if wireless technology is not a must for you, you can easily choose it.

    All in all, the Deathadder V2 Pro has become a model that will be loved and used by everyone, especially the players, and we deserve it. Editor’s Choicegot his reward.

    CHIP Online Rating: 91%

    +Very light and ergonomic, very successful wireless connection
    + Quite small 2.4Ghz transmitter
    + Very high performance
    + Nice material quality
    + Long battery life

    – Wireless model is a bit expensive
    – Additional scales etc. does not have the luxuries


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